Tuesday, November 13, 2007

MTW Hospital Trust Update

Friday saw an all-day meeting of Kent County Council's NHS Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The entire meeting was dedicated to an examination of Infection Control processes and measures. Following the recent C-Dif news coverage involving Maidstone, Kent & Sussex and Pembury Hospitals, it was the very least we should be doing.

Steve Phoenix, Chief Executive of West Kent PCT was there, as was the new Chief Executive of the MTW Hospital Trust, Glenn Douglas. Glenn was supported by Amy Page, the Acting Director of Nursing.

Members' questions were, in the main, challenging and rigorous - one of the more interesting lines came from Dr Tony Robinson, one of our Tonbridge County Councillors. His line of questioning involved one of the more upsetting facts in the Healthcare Commission report - that patients needing to use the toilet were told to "go in their beds". Tony demanded to know the staff responsible for this, and what had happened to them. After considerable pressure the answer was revealed - four staff were involved. One nurse, and three healthcare assistants.

And their fate? Whilst two of three assistants had been dismissed, the nurse and one healthcare assistant remained.

The story goes on...

To read the Kent Messenger coverage of this meeting, click the following link: http://www.kentonline.co.uk/news/default.asp?article_id=36152.

To see the meeting webcast on the KCC website, click on http://www.kent.ukcouncil.net/site/player/index.php?a=11782

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